As part of our comprehensive approach, we take a structured finance approach to determine the best financing solution for your business by evaluating your business financing needs, which means your financing solution may use one or more of the of the following financing programs:

Business Owner-Use Occupied Real Estate Transactions

  • We give max LTV up to 90%
  • Fixed rate terms up to 25 years for qualified borrowers.
  • Look at the attached letters for inspiration.
  • All property types including but not limited to industrial, warehouse, office, retail, medical, hotel, gas station and car wash.  Contractor yards considered on case by case basis.
  • Construction financing available.

Investor/Income Producing Real Estate Financing

  • up to 75% for certain properties
  • Fixed rates on the life of the loan available for qualified properties.
  • Non-recourse loans available for qualified properties.

Private Money

  • Up to 50% LTV
  • We need to get details from Neil on some of their terms.